Purpose: To maintain the confidentiality of patient records and proprietary information.

Policy: Due to the nature of the Health Now! Clinic mission and work, maintaining confidentiality regarding the patients that HNC serves is paramount. Discussions concerning any information related to a patient should be limited to authorized personnel and meetings held for the benefit of providing coordination and quality care.

The HCP is responsible for seeing that confidential medical record information is maintained. All facts relating to services of individual patients are deemed confidential and are discussed only by appropriate medical personnel. All failure to observe he ethics of confidentiality is regarded as cause for discipline and/or dismissal of HNC volunteers.

Information regarding HNC’s internal process (e.g. financial matters, internal disagreements, employee status, performance evaluations, supervisory counseling sessions or changes in positions) until announced by the Executive Director, must be held in confidence and shall not be discussed outside the authorized meetings.

Any violation of confidentially seriously injures the ministry of HNC and its reputation and effectiveness. Violation ay be grounds for immediate termination.

As a volunteer of HNC, you have access to personal and confidential patient information. all HNC Business must be kept strictly confidential. Disclosing confidential HNC or patient information will result in disciplinary action and may be grounds for immediate termination.


  1. HNC requests that its personnel not discuss HNC business with anyone who does not work for HNC.
  2. In circumstances where an HRC volunteer is questioned by someone outside the Clinic and you are concerned about the appropriateness of giving certain information, remember that you are not required to answer, and that we do not wish you to do so. Instead, as politely as possible, volunteers are urged to refer the request to your immediate supervisor.
  3. Volunteers will be required to sign a Confidential Information Agreement.
  4. The Clinic Manager or designee is responsible for filing all records accurately and in a timely manner. This responsibility is shared with all clinic volunteers. Unfiled medical records are to be secured and locked after clinic hours.
  5. All charts will be discretely handled in the hallways and at the reception are to avoid breaching patient confidentiality.
  6. All volunteers will avoid discussing patient’s information in the presence of non-clinical volunteers or other patients.