To strengthen and empower families and individuals by meeting their spiritual, physical, educational, and social needs.


To provide healthcare in a Christ-like manner and through our compassion and care we will reflect Jesus Christ in our thoughts and actions and lead the community to have a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. We believe that all people are children of God and we are instructed to show our patients the way to salvation through acceptance of Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.

Our History

Health Now! Clinic opened its doors August 12, 2005 in a small office rented at Patty A. Clay Regional Medical Center. The clinic was started by two local churches in the community.

In July 2007, Health Now! Clinic had the opportunity to move the clinic downtown to a more central location for the client. This building was located at 110 Collins Street. With this move, the clinic realized a threefold increase in the number of visits.

On June 20, 2009, Health Now! Clinic moved to City Hall in downtown Richmond. The clinic was located there for five years.

In July 2014, the clinic moved to a location on Red House Road.

In July 2016, the clinic opened its doors at our current location, 234 E. Main Street. This allowed Health Now! Clinic to be in close proximity to our sister organization, Grace Now, a food and clothing ministry.